Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Can Christian Thielemann be saved?

Diese Frage wird in der Newsgroup rec.music.classical.recordings gestellt. Unter anderem heißt es in der Diskussion: "In the case of Thielemann, I have not yet encountered him in the concert hall. His recordings, on the other hand, I have encountered, and they seem to be largely non-competitive. It's possible that he freezes up in the studio" (Mark Stenroos, 31. August 2002).


Anonymous said...

Honestly? NO!
I have seen Thielemann with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra a couple of times and I consider quitting my subscription because in my opinion Thielemann is highly overrated.
Nevertheless he displays a level of arrogance when on stage which is hardly acceptable.
In yesterdays concert (Nov.29 2007) a "da capo" offered by the soloist - following two Richard Strauss songs - was introduced to the audience by Thielemann as follows (my personal translation):
"As you don´t know any other songs, we simply repeat the last one."

I love the sound of the Munich orchestra and their devotion to eastern Europe composers and their choice of non-mainstream classics. Thielemann has narrowed down their level to German 19th/early 20th century composers that he loves.

PE, Munich

MB said...

Do you also think he is overrated when conducting Wagner or other of his favourites?

Anonymous said...

Dear "mb",

Thielemann´s favourites are not my field of expertise and I rather refrain from quoting the mainstream critics. (And I haven´t heard him conduct Wagner so far).

But I was deeply shocked by his interpretation of the Mozart Requiem (which was recorded and is available on CD). I was in the audience then and wondered about his interpretation of tempi (I had the impression he was actually hurrying through some of the pieces).

But to be honest: my criticism is focussed rather on his stage appearance and openly displayed arrogance, that tend to distract me from listening.

Regards, PE (Munich)

Anonymous said...

"But to be honest: my criticism is focussed rather on his stage appearance and openly displayed arrogance, that tend to distract me from listening."

This also goes for me.

As well I do think his Wagner conducting is too heavy, not flowing and totaly out of time. I have already seen his first Tristan in Nürnberg and till today he could not convince me. He is much overrated!

Anonymous said...

"totaly out of time"

Yesterday´s MPhil performance of Brahms´ 4th symphony - conducted by Thielemann - was another example of exaggerated tempi in both directions, particularly in the second movement.
Before - in Mahler´s Rückert songs - he twice allowed his brass section to simply drown out the soloist (Renee Fleming, soprano).

I am really looking forward to his leaving for Dresden next year.