Monday, August 27, 2007

Pressespiegel 1997

James R. Oestreich: "A Philharmonic Stand-In adds Czech Seasoning". In: NY Times, 28. November 1997
"At a time when high-profile performances are routinely canceled because of unspecified and dubious 'illness', the honesty is perhaps refreshing. Christian Thielemann, a fast-rising German conductor, is not appearing with the New York Philharmonic this week because of fatigue, the orchestra announced two weeks ago"

Wilhelm Sinkovicz: "Bayreuth: Das Festival, zu dem Massen drängen". In: Die Presse, 1. September 1997

Richard Freed: "The Thielemann touch". In: Stereo Review 62 (1997) 8, S. 88

N.N.: "New York redet über 'Nazi-Musik'". In: Die Presse, 24. Juli 1997
"unter der Leitung der beachtenswerten jungen Dirigentin Christina Thielemann" ;-)

Andrew Clark: "Too many liberties taken: Concert". In: Financial Times, 2. Juni 1997, S. 21

Tim Ashley: "The Wagnerian: Marching into the Romantic forest Tim Ashley detects unpleasant undertones in Christian Thielemann's LSO debut". In: The Guardian, 31. Mai 1997

James R. Oestreich: "From a German Conductor, fresh readings of standards". In: NY Times, 24. März 1997

David Patrick Stearns: "Thielemann gives classics his own sound". In: USA Today, 19. März 1997

David Patrick Stearns: "A fresh, flamboyant approach to Beethoven". In: USA Today, 19. März 1997

Wilhelm Sinkovicz: "London: Wenn es einmal im Opernhaus auf die Zuschauer regnet". In: Die Presse, 26. Februar 1997

Martin Kettle: "The controversy: Off the podium, German conductor Christian Thielemann is an arch-conservative. On it, he's rather good". In: The Guardian, 15. Februar 1997

Paul Griffiths: "Putting an Era to Rest, Very, Very Slowly". In: NY Times, 13. Februar 1997
"Christian Thielemann is a fine, zealous conductor".

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