Monday, August 27, 2007

Pressespiegel 1995

Anthony Tommasini: "Virtuoso Revisits A Favorite Garden". In: NY Times, 4. November 1995
"Her [Alicia de Larrocha's] conductor was the 36-year-old German, Christian Thielemann, a seemingly unlikely collaborator. That he conducted these works with such sympathy and boldness was a testimony to his musical reach and depth".

Anthony Tommasini: "A young conductor makes an auspicious debut". In: New York Times, 28. Oktober 1995

Allan Kozinn: "Berliner Follows a Path All His Own in Beethoven". In: NY Times, 21. Jänner 1995
"Mr. Thielemann's technique is energetic, showy and at times a little quirky. Often he looms over the violins, listening intently and alternating coaxing gestures with quick, furious hand movements"

John von Rhein: "Guest conductor Thielemann gets best out of CSO". In: Chicago Tribune, News, 20. Jänner 1995, S. 16
"His phrasing was very molded, his sound carefully blended and warmly burnished"

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